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"Your advice was absolutely spot on, I did as you told me and not only have a laid the floor in the hall and passageway (it's a bungaloe), but did another two rooms after that, and the whole thing worked a treat! Best wishes"
Ross M.

"Thank you, you helped me loads... Have fit 2 rooms so far - just the kitchen to go! (another 30m2!!!!)"
James B.

"Unfortunately, I had already bought my wood when I found your guide.
However, your guide was probably the most helpful one I found for installation advice and other useful information, for which - thank you.
My job is now done, and I no longer need your advice. However, I shall be happy to point anyone interested in flooring towards your website and guide.
Regards, Mike S.

"Your advice really helped us to make a decision about what type of wood flooring to choose. Especially as we have a number of issues with regard to the sub floor. Thanks!"
Adele B

"I was delighted with the help and advice that I received. It seemed to me that you cared that I should be successful in my efforts at wood floor installation.
In addition, the information that I received in the guide confirmed much of what I believed but, more importantly, it shed light on aspects of installations that I was not familiar with."
Noel R

"I have now had my floor fitted and found your website and guide absolutely invaluable in deciding on what sort of floor, what sort of finish and how to fix it.
Thank you."
Jacqui F

Have just bought your manual -wow!
Nick L

I found your manual a real help when laying my wood floor. It covered all areas of the work, gave some useful tips (especially the one about the pencils!), and was written in plain English. Purchase of the downloadable version was easy, and I would have no hesitation in recommending it.
Jim C.


Feedback received from (DIY & Professional) floor fitters

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From Tiran - Bedfordshire:

Hi Karin & Ton

Well done on the ‘Installation Manual’, very informative and to the point. 

Most manuals are very general and vague about the details, which are the most important bits if you’re going to be able to understand the reasons for doing or not doing certain things.  It’s always essential to understand why you’re doing something so that you know why it’s correct and therefore you can then apply that method of thinking in general.

With regards to my flooring project(s). I had just completed a 55 sq.mt area in a new extension for a client before receiving the manual.

The back of the house had been knocked through and the extension was built across the whole width of the house.  One third was the kitchen, which was tiled floor with electric underfloor heating, the rest was covered with 15mm  Engineered Oak. The widths were over 100mm and the lengths were all the same, except in each pack were two half lengths just to add some effect. I decided to lay the whole floor ‘floating’ as there were two different substrates. I’ve always been happier floating than gluing or nailing as I feel it’s always best to allow wood to move without restriction. The original part of the house was solid wood floorboards and the new part was screed....
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From John - Hampshire:

Hi Wood You Like!

Floor is now complete, just the beading around the hearth to finish. I read the book from start to finish before starting. Most of the information I had found from your web site before hand but I did refer to it during the installation and for the finishing.

Just an observation that you may want to share, I used Tongue-Tite screws to secure through the tongue (I always like my work to be reversible!). Although they claim the screws are 'anti-jacking' I found they did occasionally lift the boards by a millimetre or so. Usually found the next day when walking across the floor and hearing a creak. I lifted sections of floor 5 times to rectify, no joke!
Also .....
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From Bernard - Fife

Dear Karin

Just a brief note of the work done at our flat.

Wood Floor Virgin

I have dithered as to whether or not to tackle laying an engineered wood floor for some time. I actually chickened out last year and called a fitter in to install a floor in our Garden Room. However having watched how it was done and asked a few questions I felt a little more confident.

When the decision was made to have an engineered wood floor in our flat in Fife I decided to do it myself. Once I had made the decision I sent off for Wood You Like's "Wooden Floor Installation Manual" having been impressed over the years by Karin's responses on the DIYNot Forum. This gave me the required added support that I was doing the right thing.

Following the advice in the manual was pretty easy to do as I have tackled various DIY projects in the past including the complete replacement of the floorboards when refitting the bathroom.

Setting out, prepping and laying the boards was carried out in line with the instructions with boards mixed from the various boxes.

Things I learnt whilst carrying out the installation include....
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From Vinny - Angus

Hello, As I am actually a flooring professional myself. I found the manual to be very good and worth a read, I was hoping to find more info on borderwork (including curves) and perhaps staircases in wood. (Maybe beyond the scope of your target reader). Other than that the manual covers all the most important factors like preparation and moisture control.
Keep up the good work.

(Ended up on this page by accident? Read here where it is all about and discover the first of its kind comprehensive manual on wooden floor installation, everything you need to know about DIY wooden floors.

Wooden Floor Installation Manual

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