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"Your advice was absolutely spot on, I did as you told me and not only have a laid the floor in the hall and passageway (it's a bungaloe), but did another two rooms after that, and the whole thing worked a treat! Best wishes"
Ross M.

"Thank you, you helped me loads... Have fit 2 rooms so far - just the kitchen to go! (another 30m2!!!!)"
James B.

"Unfortunately, I had already bought my wood when I found your guide.
However, your guide was probably the most helpful one I found for installation advice and other useful information, for which - thank you.
My job is now done, and I no longer need your advice. However, I shall be happy to point anyone interested in flooring towards your website and guide.
Regards, Mike S.

"Your advice really helped us to make a decision about what type of wood flooring to choose. Especially as we have a number of issues with regard to the sub floor. Thanks!"
Adele B

"I was delighted with the help and advice that I received. It seemed to me that you cared that I should be successful in my efforts at wood floor installation.
In addition, the information that I received in the guide confirmed much of what I believed but, more importantly, it shed light on aspects of installations that I was not familiar with."
Noel R

"I have now had my floor fitted and found your website and guide absolutely invaluable in deciding on what sort of floor, what sort of finish and how to fix it.
Thank you."
Jacqui F

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