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"Your advice was absolutely spot on, I did as you told me and not only have a laid the floor in the hall and passageway (it's a bungaloe), but did another two rooms after that, and the whole thing worked a treat! Best wishes"
Ross M.

"Thank you, you helped me loads... Have fit 2 rooms so far - just the kitchen to go! (another 30m2!!!!)"
James B.

"Unfortunately, I had already bought my wood when I found your guide.
However, your guide was probably the most helpful one I found for installation advice and other useful information, for which - thank you.
My job is now done, and I no longer need your advice. However, I shall be happy to point anyone interested in flooring towards your website and guide.
Regards, Mike S.

"Your advice really helped us to make a decision about what type of wood flooring to choose. Especially as we have a number of issues with regard to the sub floor. Thanks!"
Adele B

"I was delighted with the help and advice that I received. It seemed to me that you cared that I should be successful in my efforts at wood floor installation.
In addition, the information that I received in the guide confirmed much of what I believed but, more importantly, it shed light on aspects of installations that I was not familiar with."
Noel R

"I have now had my floor fitted and found your website and guide absolutely invaluable in deciding on what sort of floor, what sort of finish and how to fix it.
Thank you."
Jacqui F

Have just bought your manual -wow!
Nick L

I found your manual a real help when laying my wood floor. It covered all areas of the work, gave some useful tips (especially the one about the pencils!), and was written in plain English. Purchase of the downloadable version was easy, and I would have no hesitation in recommending it.
Jim C.

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(UK's first)
Wooden Floor Installation Manual

Everything you need to know about
DIY wooden floors

Having a quality wood floor in your home is a real asset: it’s durable, anti-allergic, easy to clean and very, very beautiful. Many before you have discovered it adds more value to your home than any other flooring option, including tile or wall-to-wall carpeting. And unlike other options, wooden floors not only maintain their value over the years, but effectively retain and improve their elegance and their beauty.

You can have your natural wooden floor professionally installed, an increasing number of DIY-ers opt to “go-it-alone” with mixed results. Wood You Like’s 160 pages Manual higly increases your chance to achieve a guaranteed great, if not professional, result!

Install your floor like a pro

Wood You Like's Wooden Floor Installation Manual is first in its kind: written by experts who deal with wooden flooring and all the different situations imaginable on a daily basis, situations and circumstances you can encounter too but with the Manual at hand are no longer an obstacle for diy-ers.

"How do I install the last row?"..... "My room is part chipboard, part concrete. What do I do?".... "Can I install a wood floor in a kitchen?".... “I've got underfloor heating, can I have wood flooring?".... "Do I glue or float my wood floor?".... . "The pack says to glue it, the supplier says nail it. Now what?".... "I've got two dogs and four kids, my wife likes wood flooring, what do you suggest?".... "How do I know how much wood to buy?".... "There are Marley tiles, can I glue a wood floor on them?”....
Just a small collection of questions that has found its way to Wood You Like's inbox over the last 5 years.

How this Manual came about:

Being involved on a daily basis with all aspects of natural wooden flooring, and noticing the growing influence of online information (some correct and some incorrect - neither Google nor your web browser knows the difference), we started to answer questions about wooden flooring on various DIY forums at the end of 2004. Questions ranged from confusion about products, confusion about contradicting advice from suppliers, instructions on the materials, to cries for help after an installation had gone horribly wrong.

This lack of proper and honest information made us realise even more how important knowledge is, and by using the (then) latest web technology we launched our own blog about natural wooden flooring which we called the FAQ & News site: Everything you always wanted to know about wooden flooring but didn't know where or whom to ask.

Our own recent survey "Do you know any disater stories?" highlighted the most common reason for a disaster was not making the correct preparations at the right time, and all of these disasters are problems that could have been very easily prevented, saving everyone time, money, and a lot of hassle!

Now you can search and find plenty of information online, but that does not always mean you can or will learn how to tackle or prevent problems. This is especially true if your type of problem or situation is anything but "standard". As suppliers and installers, we know that every home and even every design wish can be unique, and it deserves an unique solution - not a "one-fits-all" answer or product.

For that reason we launched our blog first, where we invited readers to submit their questions into the "comment-box". These questions we answered personally, making sure we focused only on the "situation at hand".

A short while later we created a special page on our main website for the same reason - to invite readers to receive personal advice from us. The queries came flooding in! From asking for advice on which wood species or floor type would best suit a certain home, to whole stories filled with such misery that it almost broke our heart (we're very sensitive people!). There is so much information out there on the wibbly wobbly web, and yet still so little real knowledge. The sudden rise in wood flooring "supermarkets" jumping on the band wagon didn't help either. Pile them high, sell them low, and who cares if the punter ends up with rubbish?

Wood You Like Wooden Floor Installation Manual
Rated 5 stars on Amazon!!

After answering question after question for three years we decided to create a simple but comprehensive installation guide, and to make this not only available to our own DIY-clients, but to anyone planning to install a wooden floor in the best possible way. This guide (in a simple PDF format, delivered by email) was launched in December 2008, and was an instant success.

It also triggered more questions. So we kept adding to the guide, which became more and more a collection of questions and answers grouped in a few logical categories. Late in 2009 we decided it was time to completely overhaul the guide, and make it available not only as a PDF, but also as a proper paperback. So you can have it handy by your side while you're working on your floor. The end result (160 pages) is what you can have in your hands right now.

Installing a wooden floor isn't rocket science - all it needs is some common sense, patience, the right preparations at the right time and of course quality materials and the right tools. Wood You Like's Installation Manual for Wooden Flooring covers it all: including tricks of the trade to install your own floor like a professional!

We offer you three options to purchase the "Wooden Floor Installation Manual" - see below - and:

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  • 160 pages in plain English
  • Extra online bonus
  • posted to you immediately in secure packaging
  • Rated 5 stars on Amazon.co.uk
  • £ 4.25 P&P
  • a shopping bag will appear in the right hand botom corner of this page once you've added your book to the bag

60 days guarantee!

Follow the manual to select, prepare and install your quality wooden floor.
If you are not 100% satisfied that all the tips, practical advice and tricks of the trade it contains - from selecting the best suitable products to maintenance tips - has helped you to install your floor like a pro too (like it has helped many of our DIY clients already), let us know within 60 days after purchase and we will refund you the purchase price of the manual at once!

Option 2

The E-version: instant access to the exact same content as the the paperback, plus includes all colour images and drawings.
This version can be:

  • viewed online with multiple search-options,
  • downloaded (PDF) and printed, and
  • gives you even the opportunity to ask your own questions underneath every section, every chapter even.
  • Add the paperback to the E-version order for only the P&P extra (+ £ 4.25)
  • a shopping bag will appear in the right hand botom corner of this page once you've added your book to the bag

Selecting one of the above options to purchase the Installation Manual straight from the authors/publisers offers you the chance to
claim back the purchase price of the manual!
(paperback and/or E-version)
All details - and conditions - can be found in the confirmation email of your order
or in the letter accompanying the book.


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